Y Luv ~ Driftin’ (Gazzo Remix)!


One of the greatest forms of respect a DJ can pay to an original artist in the world of electronic music comes in the form of a remix.  GAZZO, the dance music producing extraordinaire from New Jersey, pays homage to Y LUV for the third time in the last year with his new fantastic deep house flavored interpretation of the popular tune “Driftin”.  Following the amazing success experienced from remaking the Y LUV songs “Never Touch The Ground” and “Keep It Rollin”, GAZZO‘s fresh take on “Driftin” further solidifies his place as being one of the most exciting remixing producers in the game right now.

I like to say a tune has been ‘GAZZOed’ and it’s a term I think fits “Driftin” quite well.  A simple way to describe it is to imagine yourself at an amusement park and you have just boarded your favorite ride.  Close your eyes and hit the play button.  The roller coaster type intro is vintage GAZZO with big building beats of anticipation that twists you all around and forcefully guides you around every turn.   Your emotions are pushed to the very edge until you think you can’t take it anymore.  In an instant, you get that hollow feeling in your stomach and that is slowly eased by the soothing synth melody that greets you and carries you along your way.   As you relax and look around, you embrace the amazing original vocals floating all around you as you take the whole experience in.  Just as you are catching your breath and feeling good, you see the biggest rise up ahead and your heartbeat starts pounding once again.  The energy gets frantic, the clicking electronic elements and beats intensify as you reach that euphoric pinnacle moment of the track.  Smile.  You have been “GAZZOed”! Anyone up for round 2?!

***This is a review I wrote up for Indie Current and I decided to include on my own page!  Check out Indie Current if you are into great indie music.  I have also included a couple of songs I have enjoyed from Gazzo recently so enjoy!***

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