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I love that amazing moment when I pop in a new song I have never heard before and I subconsciously know.  This band is going places.  When I listen to “Lairs” by London band WULF, my first impression is a great one.  The catchy melodies that get stuck in my head.  The slippery smooth delivery of those perfectly toned vocals.   And the insanely beautiful combo of steady drum thumps and piano keyed splashes that keep the track moving.  “Lairs” is one of those songs with the power to put me in a good mood just by listening to it.  No matter how hard my day has been.  Where I can contemplate dropping my defenses and just live free.  As I breathe in the lyrics, I can sense all kinds of familiar emotions rushing all over me.   Like the happiness of seeing someone I have grown close to or the anxiousness of wanting to see someone I like again.  “Lairs” oozes with vulnerability and has a nostalgic type of feel to it. Taking me back to those certain moments in time where I felt comfortable enough to let someone else in.  To see the real me without regard to where that might lead.  And to realize another person might actually see my self perceived flaws and accept them.

Joshua and Jimmy Wulf are the musical minds behind WULF and the pair seem poised for a breakout year ahead.  Check out the fantastic official video for “Lairs” by talented filmmaker Aaron Dunleavy which captures the true essence of the track in my opinion.  And be on the lookout for a debut album from WULF: my first pick of bands to watch out for in 2014!

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