Whales & This Lake ~ Sahara Blind

Whales & This Lake Sahara Blind Artwork!

Who is WHALES & THIS LAKE?  An electronic-pop trio from Oslo, Norway consisting of Anders Søvik Hjelden, Hans Olav Settem, and Max Peder Brekke!

My first impression of “Sahara Blind” :  A somber, somewhat angry track with an underlying mix and mash of powerful emotions and hidden feelings!

My take :  I don’t know a lot about WHALES & THIS LAKE but their track “Sahara Blind” caught my ear the other day and it really has me thinking.  On the surface, the song is pleasing to the ear with a nice blend of clashing instrumental sounds and urgent electronic textures.  Yet on a lyrical level, there is a confusing sense of sadness and disappointment raging against a strong will to not feel anything and a sense of hope that everything might just go away.  Whether it be a bad memory, a devastating loss or even a realization that life is not what anyone envisioned, “Sahara Blind” pushes the melancholic envelope with a compelling feel of muddled clarity.  Like internalizing a sad thought without actually letting anyone else know exactly what it might be but giving just enough to keep running after the answer.  WHALES & THIS LAKE might be unknown in my circles right now but with tracks like “Sahara Blind”, they won’t be for much longer!

TMH RATING: 7.6/10 Very Good!

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