Vancouver Sleep Clinic ~ Killing Me To Love You

VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC Killing Me To Love You Artwork!

Who is VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC?  One of my favorite alternative electronic acts out of Australia, the music art of Brisbane musician TIM BETTINSON continues to impress!

My first impression of “Killing Me To Love YouAn absorbing and powerfully gripping song about a struggle with loving someone or something so much it hurts!

My take : Oh how I have missed you VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC.  Dealing with a long hiatus after blowing me away with “Vapour”, “Collapse” and “Flaws” over two years ago, I was beginning to wonder if the electronic based project by Tim Bettinson had permanently disappeared.  But after listening to “Killing Me To Love You” a ridiculous amount of times over the past week and checking out the beautifully shot video for the track (check it out below), my mind is now at ease.  “Killing Me To Love You” sounds like a song about dealing with conflicting thoughts towards caring for someone else who is emotionally broken.   Yet at the same time, it also feels more personal than that.   Like fighting against a collision of feelings within, battling to come to terms with the reality of what distinct change actually looks like on the inside.  Using a brilliant blend of enveloping beats,  sweeping synths and an earnestly captivating vocal, the recently Columbia Records signed VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC‘s “Killing Me To Love You” just might be his best song to date.  Welcome back!

TMH! FINAL VERDICT: Best of the Year!

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 {TMH! FINAL VERDICT: On The Rise; Very Good; On Repeat; Best of the Year}

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