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Thomas Azier

Electronic-pop artist THOMAS AZIER is blazing a new trail of meaningful music in a genre dominated by corporate created personas and money hungry copycats.  Beginning at a young age in his native Netherlands, AZIER began exploring the art of making music on his personal computer and with the release of his debut EP in early 2012, it’s evident he has picked up a lot of perspective along the way.  Following up that melodic synthpop gem that is “Hylas 001”, the second installment named “Hylas 002” dropped in October and it offers a fantastic new blend of contrasting tempos.  “Fire Arrow” is the standout track in my opinion but the whole EP is deserving of everyone’s undivided attention.

“Fire Arrow” packs a uniquely powerful punch from the very beginning perfectly pairing attention grabbing horns and heart pounding beats seemingly tailor made for a Hollywood action scene.  The vocals are descriptively intense and passionately straightforward laying out a personal story of discovery we all can relate to in our own way.  The mood of the track is darker than previous material but there is an underlying coming of age like undertone resonating beneath the surface fighting to break free.  “Fire Arrow” grabs you by the ears and pulls you into your own story.  There are not a lot of tunes that can take you to that point these days that’s for sure.

THOMAS AZIER is now based in Berlin and continues his quest to communicate to the world through his unique brand of music.  He writes and creates his own sound so he is well on his way in that respect.  The third part of the Hylas trilogy is due out in the summer of 2013 so keep your ears peeled for that one. In the meantime, have a go at the TEPR interpretation of the AZIER track “How To Disappear”.  It’s one of the best emo-trap remixes I have heard in a long time.

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“How To Disappear” (Tepr Remix!)

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