The Slow Readers Club ~ I Saw A Ghost

The Slow Readers Club Cavalcade album Cover Art!

Who is THE SLOW READERS CLUB?  A poignantly moving 4-piece band from Manchester.  They are: Aaron Starkie (Vocals/Keyboards), Kurtis Starkie (Vocals/Guitar), James Ryan (Bass) and David Whitworth (Drums)!

My first impression of “I Saw A Ghost” :  A deeply introspective track full of emotional turmoil and an almost overwhelming sense of self-loathing!

My take : THE SLOW READERS CLUB was one of the first bands I reviewed when I started TMH! a few long years ago and it’s great to see how the talented band has evolved ever since I first heard the brilliantly somber “Block Out The Sun”.  And after taking in their lyrically powerful number “I Saw A Ghost” recently, the serious and dark tones I am helplessly drawn to below the surface of their music seems to hit me on a much more personal level than ever before.  Listening to the words reminds me of those times where I looked in the mirror and questioned my self-worth.  Wondering why people treated me like I was strange for not being just like everyone else.  Each deafening word and every hypocritical opinion driving me further in the wrong direction.  “I Saw A Ghost” takes me to those murky places that mark my past, where I tried to be the “normal” person I felt everyone expected me to be on the outside, knowing deep down inside that it would never happen.   Only to feel like I was drowning in my self-created world of angst and anxiety.  THE SLOW READERS CLUB is a band whose music might always bring me back to harsher times I would rather not think about.  But by rehashing and reliving them should always remind me to appreciate how far I have actually come since then!

TMH RATING: 8.0/10 Amazing!

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