The Slow Readers Club ~ Block Out The Sun & Follow Me Down!

I have recently been introduced to THE SLOW READERS CLUB,  a dynamic indie electro band from Manchester, and their songs have been on repeat for me ever since.  “Block Out The Sun” is an amazing tune and is definitely one of my favorites off of their debut album released earlier this year.  When I push play, a beautiful keyboard greeting meets up with a melancholic powerful vocal, showcasing raw emotion many of us can relate to.   The lyrics seem deep, dark and introspective but the tempo is just upbeat enough to keep me locked in hoping everything will turn out okay.

“Follow Me Down” has a little different feel with an interesting combination of sounds.  From the echoing keyboard and dancing finger guitar opening to the drum cadence and violin infusions of expression,  the mood is undeniably sad.  The lyrics paint a vividly bleak picture and evoke thoughts of being at the point of just giving up.   As in the line “Don’t want to end up like your old man, in silence with words left unspoken”, the representation of fears that a lot of us internalize is released like a vocal paintbrush.  At least that’s how it made me feel.

“Block Out The Sun” and “Follow Me Down” both fit into the category of songs I remember after one take, which is pretty rare these days.  THE SLOW READERS CLUB has been compared to a lot of different bands ranging from Interpol to Arcade Fire, but that really does not do them justice.  They have a great unique sound I describe as gorgeously tragic and hauntingly upbeat.  This type of sound seems to translate well to the live stage as evidenced by their growing local prowess.  I am now the newest fan of the band THE SLOW READERS CLUB and after taking one trip through their debut album, you should be to!

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