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There’s a buzz in the air and it’s bringing along an exciting and familiar hip hop beat.   The signature style of L.A. based THE PROCUSSIONS has reemerged with new music and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s been seven years since I heard anything from the creative and memorable group but after listening to their track “Insomnia”, they prove they haven’t lost a musical step.  THE PROCUSSIONS have a smooth and chill way of telling a story through their music where I feel like I am watching a scene in a movie.   And with “Insomnia” they deliver another cinematic-like experience that is quite impressive.  I actually feel myself looking at a man who is sitting there, unable to sleep at night while random thoughts of life and love bounce around his head.  The lyrics are relatable to just about everyone and they are delivered in an inherently poetic rhyme style I believe only great hip hop artists have.  There are beautiful layers of synth sound embellishments, a chopped up guitar sample and a uniquely crazy gibberish vocal built nicely on top of a classic drum kit beat.  And it sounds ridiculously good too!  “Insomnia” is a refreshingly crisp and remarkably clean song I can play just about anywhere.  A concept I feel more hip hop artists should pay attention to.

THE PROCUSSIONS are now in the capable hands of rapper/producer/singer/songwriter Mr. J. Medeiros and artist/musician/producer/writer Stro Elliot.  They have plans to release a self titled album this summer and I can’t wait to hear it!

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