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The Paper Kites States Album CoverArt!I am completely enamored with the Australian music scene right now.  There seems to be a continuous run of songs from amazing artists from all different types of genres that are literally blowing my mind.  The latest group to catch my new-found attention is THE PAPER KITES from Melbourne.  I have heard a few of their songs over the past couple of years and I am a big fan of their song “Bloom”, but their latest track “Young” takes my interest in them to a whole new level.

Listening to “Young” is like taking that first delicious bite of my favorite dessert.  It’s a unique experience that is beautifully soothing and sends happiness shivers up and down my spine.  There is nothing too fancy with the overall feel of the song but in this case, the delicate layers of sound don’t need to be to sound intriguing.  From the opening synth cloud of smoke and the lightly strummed guitar intro to the tempo pushing drum taps and the ear-pleasing ethereal vocals,  “Young” takes me on an exquisitely melodic journey I won’t soon forget.  Especially since I keep playing it over and over again!

THE PAPER KITES are gearing up to release their debut album ‘States’ later this month and are heading out on a ‘States’ tour through Australia, the USA and Canada.  It should be a great time!

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Lyrics to Young!

We only wake ’cause our eyes are open
Open so wide we walk in the dark
Trying so hard to keep what we’re losing
Using our feet to show them the movements

And they wake up, and they go out
Head in a cloud

We were like them before we were older
Just like they’re grow to be as we are
And still only speak with wording of caution
Sow and we reap what we’re putting forward

And they wake up, And they go out
Head in a cloud
We can look down, see what we were
Shaking our fingers and using our words
We’re all awake; we don’t go out
Head in a cloud

Rush goes to the head it’s all perception
I know, even so we all need time to grow

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