The Ovaltines ~ While The World Is Sleeping!

The New Jersey lo-fi pop rock band THE OVALTINES have had a very busy year.   Last month the duo released a 4-track THE CURE cover EP, “I’d Love To Touch The Sky”, and this October tackled the classic VELVET UNDERGROUND tune “Here She Comes Now”. Both renditions sound great paying homage to a few major influences of their musical style but the music doesn’t stop there.  In the midst of these releases came the intoxicating full length LP “Inside Our Heads” putting their own underground like sound center stage for all the world to see.

My favorite song on the LP is “While The World Is Sleeping” and upon first listen it’s easy to see why.  The perfect vocal harmony between band mates Jaime Piacente and Dave Schurtman stand out from the very beginning.  There is something special about how the tone of their voices brilliantly flow against each other teetering on the edge of being out of tune.   Throw in a simple but driving guitar melody atop a steady drum beat and all the ingredients for a great lo-fi pop rock tune are present and accounted for.  The only issue for me, if you can call it that, is the length of the song which seems to end way to quickly for my liking.

The OVALTINES have produced an interesting LP to say the least and the overall sound takes some getting used to for those used to unoriginal pop or massed produced one hit wonders.  But take a step back, throw on ‘While The World Is Sleeping” and let your mind take you away from all the everyday drivel.  If you enjoy “While The World Is Sleeping”, be sure to check out the rest of the LP ‘Inside Our Heads’ and have a go at the album’s titled track which is fantastic!  In the fitting words of Dave Echo, “Happy Listening”!

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