Sun Drug ~ Soaked

SUN DRUG Soaked artwork!

Who is SUN DRUG?  A high-octane fueled band from L.A.. They are: Steven Wilkin, Collin Desha, Taylor Brown and Cameron Dmytryk!

My first impression of “Soaked” : An energetic yet somewhat contained electronic rock concoction that is both unforgivably self-loathing and undeniably entertaining.

My take :  There is a lot of great music coming out of the west coast these days and 4-piece band SUN DRUG is the latest to catch my ear.  Building off of the growing success from “Easy In Your Attitude” and the fantastic “Wildman” tracks (see video below),  the high energy behind 3rd release “Soaked” takes the band’s aura to a whole new level in my humble opinion.   Delivering an adrenaline filled collision of sounds, “Soaked” awakens and enlivens all my senses with a heavy, driving sound about wasting time and the reinvigorating fight to overcome it.  And it makes me think more deeply about where I am in life at this moment and what I might need to change to get to where I want to go.  SUN DRUG is definitely an intriguing band to say the least and with their latest, I am left with a great impression from this one!

TMH RATING: 8/10 Amazing!

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Born in sunny San Diego and raised in central Illinois. I graduated from the University of Illinois @Urbana-Champaign and spent the better part of 10 years in sunny Phoenix Arizona after graduation. I now reside in Savoy IL and I try to make it up to the Chicago music scene as much as I can. Music has always been a part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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