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I try to be as selective as possible when I choose music to review but sometimes the music chooses me.  “Slacks” by Australian born singer/songwriter Olivia Gavranich is a song I simply can’t ignore.  Musically known as ST. SOUTH, “Slacks” puts her self-described “folktronica” sound on center stage and I am definitely digging everything about it.  From the guitar driven folk melody that seems to almost disappear into a dense cloud of lush beats to the frenetic background percussion clinks and clangs, the resulting layer of sound is distinctively alluring.  And the delicate vocals are just as intriguing.   I am easily drawn into the gorgeous tone of her voice and it packs as much emotional punch as a voice can for being so calmly controlled.  As I listen to the lyrics, I can relate to the inner struggle of defining myself as a person and how that can change in any relationship.  There is an air of intense vulnerability mixed with a renewed sense of extreme confidence I feel beautifully comes full circle by the end of “Slacks”.  And the ear-tingling journey to get there is one of a kind.  ST. SOUTH is an interesting artist I plan to keep tabs on moving forward.  I am sure her music will choose me once again someday!

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Lyrics to “Slack”

Got a piece of my mind, to tell you who’s mine.

Nobody hurts like me for you.

Soft slacks at night, I’m wearing ‘em tight,

nobody hurts like I do.

Your fakers are fine, but your water ain’t wine,

So stop feeding me, ‘a little more time’.

Your shit’s a mess; I’m not yours to undress.

I’m leaving this love for the last time.

I’m not yours I’m mine.

You’ve got the means to caress,
but weak you leave me a mess.

One touch is enough, your hands, a little to rough.

Will I ever be enough?

I’m not yours I’m mine.

We fall the fader to black,
release the ropes and feel the slack.

I’m not yours I’m mine.

I tell you every time; you’re walking a fine, fine 

I’m not yours I’m mine.

I’m not yours.

Heard it all before.

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