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It is very rare for me to sit down and listen to a new group and immediately be blown away by the first two tracks I hear.  But that is exactly what happened today when I put on my headphones and dove into the fantastic musical world of PRINZE GEORGE.  I don’t know a lot about the 4-member group other than that they seem to be based in NEW YORK at the moment.  But I do know they can make great tunes.  And there is very few skills in this world better than that in my book!

“This Time” is the latest single from the band and packs a hefty dance floor-vibe type of punch.  I can picture droves of people at a music festival, yelling and screaming after recognizing the first twinkling chords from the keyboards, the rumbling back beats and the gorgeous lead vocals that can only be PRINZE GEORGE.  I love how the track slowly builds energy but never feels out of control.  “This Time” is powerfully catchy and undeniably fun daring the most sedentary person to get up and move.

In its own unique way, the track “Victor” throws more of a melodically grooved punch.  And it is all sorts of ‘synth-goodies brilliant’.  A term I just made up by the way but fits the song perfectly in my opinion.  The work on the electronic elements throughout is absolutely beautiful and pulls me along with unknowingly attentive fervor.  It’s at times soothing but indescribably intense.  It’s carefree in spots yet incredibly emotional.  It’s all sorts of feelings and every type of persona imaginable.  It’s “Victor”.

PRINZE GEORGE has all the makings of being one of the most talked about new acts of the year.  They have a sound I am uncontrollably drawn to, similar to how I felt about LONDON GRAMMAR and BROODS last year.  And I know it’s only a matter of time before a lot of other music fans start to take notice!

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