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Who is PR0FILES?  A seductive electronica band made up of Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum.  The eclectic pair lives in sunny California and create intense songs about sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love.

My first impression of “Get It Up” A disco infused electro pop track with a feel good club vibe urging every listener to hit the dance floor!

My take : I became a big fan of PR0FILES after I wrote about their phenomenal debut track “Call Yourself A Lover” back in 2013 and I have wanted to cover more of their music ever since.  But for some reason I dropped the ball in doing so.  Enter their latest creation “Get It Up”.  A smooth new track by the L.A. duo with a retro vibe that will turn the heads of both modern dance club enthusiasts and nostalgic 70’s disco heads.  “Get It Up” is a song all about having fun without holding on to any inhibitions. Where dropping my guard and becoming one with the recklessly sexy energy behind the song seems like the only way to feel alive.  It’s a brand new side of PR0FILES I really enjoy even though it’s a little different from anything they have made up to now.   And ultimately solidifies my opinion that this crazy fun pair from Cali have a lot more to offer!

TMH RATING: 7.7/10 Very Good!

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