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There’s an exciting new sound swirling out of the Windy City taking aim at bridging the gap between the popular elements found in modern electronic musical styles and the raw emotions experienced during a great live rock show.  “Face Stealer” is the first new original single from PINN PANELLE (Pronounced “Pin Puh-nell”) since their self titled debut album dropped back in 2010 and the track is fantastic.

“Face Stealer” is a big and grandiose type of tune,  jumping into a Muse-like state of  ‘epicness’ right off the bat.  The emotions of the track are pushed around by a mixture of steadying drum hands, anti gravity defying bluetooth guitar breaths and manic synth expressions.  The lead vocals of front man Derek Song fit perfectly between the collision of dubstep wobbles and head banging induced rhythms which is quite an interesting feat.

PINN PANELLE seems to be an energetic and fun group creating a new style of music that can morph in many different directions.  The 4-piece ‘Rocktronic’ band is currently working on their second full length album so keep an eye out for a possible 2013 release date.  Be sure to check out the live video of their newest tune “Face Stealer” as it sheds light on how all the separate parts come together in producing their music.   I have also included a video of PINN PANELLE covering electronic songs of various artists like Netsky and Doctor P.  It’s very impressive I must say and well worth a listen!  Enjoy!

***Pinn Panelle is:
Derek Song – vocals & guitar
Jonah Wei-Haas – keyboards
Justin Conway – drums
Nathan Navarro – bass

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