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Everyone has heard of the old adage ‘time flies when you are having fun’ and most people agree that it does.  “Hoyle Road”, the latest track from talented London music producer PEDESTRIAN, brings this saying to life in a vivid and beautiful way that is absolutely stunning.  The song describes an experience when time gets lost in a moment, where a simple gathering of friends is so comfortable and entertaining that hours turn into days and days become indiscernible.  PEDESTRIAN uses his own vocals in a cool way that feel almost like random thoughts bouncing around in my head.  When the beat kicks in, it is steady and true giving off a relaxed and laid back vibe brought full circle by the island style, steel drum-like sounds echoing across the track.  I like how the music takes me to a place where I can picture myself walking around, thinking about and remembering the good times in a nostalgic kind of way.  As if I am taking my mind back to that special place and trying to relive it all over again.   “Hoyle Road” jumps out as one of my favorite tracks dropped this year so far.  It is a great track full of sweeping textures, spine tingling tempo changes and a happy richness in sound I never really want to end.

“Hoyle Road” is available now on Born Electric so make sure to get a copy.  The release features killer remixes from SpectraSoul, FaltyDL, Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage. And keep your ears open for some fresh new tunes from PEDESTRIAN.  I have a good feeling they will be arriving soon!

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