Oh Wonder ~ Midnight Moon

OH WONDER Midnight Moon Artwork!

Who is OH WONDER?  A sensational electronic pop duo from London who definitely knows how to write one heck of a good tune.  They are Josephine and Anthony!

My first impression of “Midnight Moon” : A melodic and somewhat galvanizing song that is both encouraging and easy to listen to!

My take :  OH WONDER keeps dropping new tracks at the beginning of each month and each one of them are outstanding.  And their latest LP teaser “Midnight Moon” is no different.  It’s a song with the same distinct combo of electronic/percussive elements and feathery vocals giving them a recognizable sound they can uniquely call their own.  Gentle on my ears and heavy on the “feels”, “Midnight Moon” continues to build momentum towards a debut album release overflowing with potential.  I did not think a modern artist could create an album where I would enjoy every single song on it but OH WONDER  just might test that theory!  Well done!  Again!

Featured photo credit: Mike Lee Thomas!

TMH RATING: 8.2/10 Amazing!

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