Nova & The Experience ~ We Are The Children!

Nova & the Experience We Are The Children Artwork!Here I go again! Another day and another song from Australia that I am uncontrollably drawn to.  Meet James Buckingham, Anna Buckingham, Laurie Mahon and Jake Asser.  They are the amazing artists behind Sydney based indie pop band NOVA & THE EXPERIENCE, and their track “We Are The Children” is all kinds of catchy.  From the very first note, I feel like I am whisked away into the happy vibes of childhood once again.  As the lyrics bring back memories of fun summer days gone by, I can’t help but crack a smile thinking about how life used to seem so carefree and easy.  Where my only worry was waiting for my mom to call me in from playing outside with friends because dinner was ready.  Or fighting with my sisters about which cartoon to watch each Saturday morning.  Every word is delivered by vocals that are fittingly light and playful resulting in a beautifully crisp and memorable sound.  “We Are The Children” is a type a song that gets stuck in my head after listening to it and in this case that’s a very good thing.  I guess they can now count me in as a new fan or as the band likes to say, a new ‘CATS’ member.  Check out the latest NOVA & THE EXPERIENCE EP titled ‘There’s Something Here’.  You might just get drawn in too!

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  1. Jamie
    August 12, 2013

    Hey Dan,

    Jamie here, Nova and the Experience’s manager.
    I showed the band the article and they were over the moon! We’ll be posting it on our Facebook wall shortly.
    So awesome every time one of our songs finds it’s way around the globe. Just a little heads up ‘ We Are The Children’ is actually off the band’s latest EP ‘There’s Something Here’. I think you mentioned to look out for the EP ‘Sexy Love’ which actually came out in October of 2011. You have actually done us a huge favor because we realized that we have an old REVERBNATION page that says to look out for ‘Sexy Love’ in October (which i assume is where you got that info from) so now we can update that info because we forgot that page still existed.
    So you have helped us out a whole bunch by posting a kick ass review AND highlighting some poor online media management on our behalf haha. YOU ROCK!

    • August 13, 2013

      Hey Jamie,
      Thanks for the heads up…I just updated it!…glad I could help with your online media-keeping…haha…and glad you all liked the review!!!

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