Nova & the Experience ~ Shipwrecked!

Nova & the Experience Shipwrecked artwork!

There is nothing quite like listening to a NOVA & THE EXPERIENCE song to me.  No matter if it’s the playful TMH! favorite “We Are The Children” or the underrated and bouncy “Dragonflies and Waterfalls”,  the Aussie four-piece band has a way of taking me on a unique and interesting journey each and every time.  And their latest track “Shipwrecked” follows the same blueprint, vividly creating a tale of being lost at sea I can enjoy interpreting in so many ways.

“Shipwrecked” has a slightly more grown up feel to it than earlier releases, but maintains a bit of the carefree and bright-eyed charm I have grown attached to.  Infusing a folk-rock type of sound is absolutely brilliant with nicely placed shouts and yells reminiscent of sections in a Of Monsters and Men or in a The Lumineers track.  I love how the vocals and music in “Shipwrecked” start off slow and seem to gradually pick up energy and intensity along the way.  Only to burst into a beautiful layered fury of emotions and sounds I can only be entertained by.

NOVA & THE EXPERIENCE continues to impress by creating songs with a story book quality that’s both captivating and fun to pretend that I am a part of.  And I look forward to the next adventure!

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