Nimmo and the Gauntletts ~ Others!

photo by Kevin Morosky aka The Notorious K.E.V

Nimmo And The Gauntletts - "Others"


I am a big fan of Kitsuné releases so it comes as no surprise I am digging the latest featured band, NIMMO AND THE GAUNTLETTS, and their new track “Others”.   Hailing from London, one of my favorite cities by the way, NIMMO AND THE GAUNTLETTS is the collective effort of Sarah Nimmo, Reva Gauntlett, Josh Faull, Jack Williams and Hannah Rose.  And with “Others”, the interesting 5-piece take one heck of a crack at making insecurity sound really good.  If I listen to “Others” from a personal perspective, it is a song that exudes vulnerability on the surface but I can also feel a firm sense of strength from within.   Being able to ask the tough questions in a relationship is never easy and it takes a certain confidence to stand up to find the answers to them.  Even if we already know what those answers will be.  The band does a great job of making me feel both empowered and exposed at the same time.  “Others” has a nice pace to it and I absolutely love how it all slows down to a beautiful piano-keyed like crawl.   It feels almost like I am taking a deep breath at the perfect moment.   Where the tenuous emotions and incredulous realities associated with the truth become way too much to handle.  NIMMO AND THE GAUNTLETTS have been able to tap into a realistic situation and give it an artistic and NATG feel I would love to hear more of.  Hopefully that time will come sooner than later.  The ‘Others’ EP comes out on July 14th!

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