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Halloween is over this year but just reading the name of So Cal band NIGHT TERRORS OF 1927 brings to mind visions of scary dreams, ghosts and all sorts of uncomfortable things in the dark.   But when I listen to their latest single “Fall Into You”, all my preconceived notions are quickly swept away.  At least partly.   There is something catchy and fresh about “Fall Into You” that defies conventional descriptors and adequate hyperbole.  It sounds so different from a lot of what I hear these days.  The music is light and somewhat upbeat but there is also a shadowy side to the song that’s rather intriguing.  There’s a sense of urgency and longing in the lyrics that I find myself gravitating towards.  It’s as if I am reaching out trying to grab a hold of something important to me only to experience intense pangs of fear and uncertainty along the way.  “Fall Into You” is the type of song that comes across like an old film projector of thoughts, rolling and winding in front of me as I picture myself sitting alone in the dark thinking about how I feel.  It’s exciting at times and depressing in others, but there is an understated vibe that points towards everything working out in the end.  And I know I will never read the name NIGHT TERRORS OF 1927 in the same way ever again!

Check out their debut EP ‘Guilty Pleas’ due out on November 11th!

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