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Self-proclaimed “Dream Folk” group MT. WOLF are about to release their debut “Life Size Ghosts” EP on Two Sisters Records and upon first listen I am very impressed.  Admittedly, thinking about the fusion of folk musical elements with massive electronic beats didn’t seem like a great idea in terms of being easy on my ears but “Cry Wolf” debunks my initial feelings in a big way.  “Cry Wolf” unravels quite smoothly and audibly paints a beautiful sounding picture as each style element is revealed along the way.  A brush stroke of jittery electronic expressions here, a deep driving bass line dabbed over there with a passionately gorgeous vocal splashed across everywhere and the total vision enlivens in front of your eyes.  Who knew “Dream Folk” music could be so artistic!

So who exactly isMT. WOLF?   The London based group is comprised of four dynamic members who have come together to create a compelling new EP full of lush sounds and emotionally absorbing tunes.  Take a listen to my favorite tracks from the EP,  “Cry Wolf” and “Life Size Ghosts”, and let them both paint a picture for you.  The “Life Size Ghosts” EP is now available for Pre-order on the Two Sisters Records website so make sure to pick up your copy on the link I have provided below.  Also check out the fantastic remix of “Life Size Ghosts” by the amazing music producer CATCHING FLIES.   It’s pretty epic.  Enjoy!

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