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Modo State LUD Artwork!I love it when I come across new music I have never heard before and my senses become immediately heightened.  There is something amazing about being able to connect with a song on more than one level where different sounds become visions, expressions and feelings.  Listening to “We Dream Of Mountains” by the relatively new UK electronic outfit MODO STARE, is an incredible experience each and every time.  Sometimes it is easy for me to get lost in the beautiful intricacies of the track as I find myself watching each layer of sound being masterfully dropped on top of another.  Other times I feel the lyrics go straight through me as if I am the one trying to break free from everything anchoring me down.  Sandwiched between distorted windshield wiping-like spaces of sound,  I feel the sadness of thinking this is all there is, the anger of being naïve enough to accept a false reality and the hope of imagining there is so much more out there after all.  Led by musician, producer and project visionary Jon Headley, MODO STARE has managed to craft a lyrically simple sounding song full of gorgeous harmonies, rich textures and a lush palette of ear-pleasing clanks and clatter.  “We Dream Of Mountains” is simply stunning.

“We Dream Of Mountains” is the titled track from a solid 5-song EP released by MODO STARE at the end of 2012.  Have a look at the video for “Lud” below, another favorite of mine off of the EP.  And be on the lookout for the MODO STARE debut full-length album ‘This Is How We Know What Love Is’,  set to drop very soon.  I for one am very excited to hear it!

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We Dream Of Mountains


We are naive or so they say

The world is flat, horizon straight

There are no hills to elevate

Us to a higher place


We are the victims of a myth

That all we know is all there is

There are no peaks, no climbs or cliffs

For only Lud exists



But we, we dream of standing in a place

Of heights and depths, of crags and caves

Without the worries of awake

We walk the wild ways


And we, we dream of standing on the summit

Of a world we’ve never known

Above the comfort of below

We dream of mountains

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