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MNRS Arms Artwork!The one piece of advice I always remember from successful people I have met is to always keep trying to do what you love and that failure is essential to the journey.  London-based MNRS, or MANORS for those wondering what these letters stand for, is a collection of musicians who have worked hard at their craft over the past few years.  From what I understand, after experiencing a string of unsuccessful band runs, they are looking for that breakthrough musical formula that puts them on the map.  And by the sound of their debut track “Arms”,  they might have just found it!

“Arms” starts out with a gorgeous opening sequence that reminds me a lot of the beginning of the song “Peaks” by SPEAK.  But that’s where the similarities end.  As the drums kick in, I feel like I am in the presence of something big or even grandiose in some way.  I like how the drums command my attention and how they drive the tempo with a real sense of purpose.  Lyrically it gets a little confusing.  And after watching the video premiere on Noisey (see it here!), it gets even fuzzier.  But the lyrics are delivered in a melodious way where the words seem to disappear into the music.  And as I sit back in my seat, I really don’t care about the meaning behind what is actually being said.  “Arms” is a beautiful track combining emotion with an impressive display of percussive elements.  It’s a musical formula I think might take MNRS to where they want to go!

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