Middle Kids ~ Edge Of Town

MIDDLE KIDS ~ Edge Of Town Artwork!

art by Daniel McKay

Who is MIDDLE KIDS?  An up and coming 3-piece band from Sydney Australia. They are Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz and Harry   Day!

First word that comes to mind when listening to “Edge Of Town”: Intriguing

My take:  I love to follow bands with an air of confidence to them and after listening to the first few releases from MIDDLE KIDS, I am definitely all in.   Having just released a new video for their fantastic single “Never Start”, the Aussie trio recaptured my attention and reminded me of my infatuation with “Edge Of Town”; an attention-grabbing debut that is simply outstanding.  Given a fresh visual for 2017, “Edge Of Town” is quite the experience as it builds off of an opening of desolate guitar strums to evolve into a catchy roller coaster ride of nervous energy that feels powerfully exhilarating.  The vocals are enticingly bold yet encapsulating, leaving me sitting in my own thoughts and wondering how I got here in the end.

The future appears bright from my vantage point and I just might feel the urge to check them out in Chicago as they make their rounds across America over the next few months.  And who knows, maybe an invite from the band may come my way before then! 😉


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 {TMH! FINAL VERDICT: On The Rise; Very Good; On Repeat; Best of the Year}

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