Mana Island ~ Beauty Spot!

Mana Island Beauty Spot Artwork!

I listen to some bands and I know right off the bat they have that special something in their sound.  Call it a gut instinct, a result of many years of music listening or a feeling that’s only in my head,  I can’t definitively explain how I know.  I just do.  And Russian band MANA ISLAND has that special something.

The aspiring four-piece band, named after a real island by the way, maintain a clear and precise sound on their debut track “Beauty Spot”,  which conjures up beautiful images of friends, beaches and having fun on a bright sunny day.  There is a serene and peaceful vibe soothingly created by an ear-tingling opening guitar sequence, a muscle massaging bass groove and an entrancing lead vocal that seems to envelop everything around me.  It’s a type of song where I can close my eyes and let my mind take me anywhere it wants to take me.  And I love it!

Born from the minds of three friends, Nikita Stashevski (guitar), Dmitry Lukyanenko (bass) and Max Bazilevich (guitar, keyboards), and along with the addition of skilled frontman Alexei Doronin,  MANA ISLAND’s debut track “Beauty Spot” shows me a glimpse of how talented the foursome can become.  It will be interesting to see how they evolve from here and if that special something remains with them!

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