Louis Baker ~ Gave It All Away

LOUIS BAKER ~ Gave It All Away Artwork!

Who is LOUIS BAKER?  A fascinating singer-songwriter from New Zealand!

First words that come to mind when listening to “Gave It All Away”:  Charismatically motivating!

My take:  Life is the result of making difficult decisions and finding the courage to choose a path when facing adversity might sometimes feel impossible.   When I listen to “Gave It All Away” by Wellington native LOUIS BAKER, I hear a powerfully compelling story of a determined man in pursuit of a dream but facing the all too familiar ‘fork in the road’ of uncertainty.  Through a magnetic pairing of smooth guitar strums and an encouraging vocal,  LOUIS BAKER is able to gently bring to life an internal battle of contrasting thoughts and varying emotions in a heartfelt and vivid way.  Pushing ahead towards an unwavering realization that putting everything on the line without any regrets is the only real way to truly live! 

The acoustic version of “Gave It All Away” is on repeat for me right now and is one of two great versions released in early February.  Be sure to check out the fresh, electronic interpretation of the track produced by Fat Freddy’s Drop very own legend behind the MPC, Mu!


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 {TMH! FINAL VERDICT: On The Rise; On Repeat; Best of the Year}

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