Lane 8 ~ Every Night!

Lane 8 ~ Every Night Artwork!

It always feels great to sit down after a long hard day and to turn on some good tunes.  No matter what kind of genre you enjoy the most, great music has a way of relaxing you all the way to your bones making everything else in the world disappear for a moment.  “Every Night” by LANE 8, otherwise known as Daniel Goldstein to those who know him, is just the type of song to erase your work day blues and to jump start your weekend ahead.

“Every Night” features samples from “Reflections”, a Diana Ross & The Supremes song, and they are worked in perfectly.  LANE 8 does a great job of  building emotion thoughout the track by changing tempos from alternating ear pleasing electronic expressions to thumping classic house beats and rhythms.  “Every Night” takes you on an gravity defying musical ride where you can close your eyes and escape to anywhere you want to be in the world.  You just have to let the track take you there.

The melodic house track continues a string of fantastic house creations from the San Franciscan based LANE 8 and the quick rising electronic producer shows no signs of slowing down.  Be on the lookout for a follow-up to his signature track “The Voice” because it should be amazing!

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