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There are a lot of songs that sound really good to me on the surface but some of them go so much further.  “Magpie” by Kalim KHUSHI Patel is the perfect example.  It’s the type of track that tells a story that comes to life right in front of my eyes just by listening to it.   The words are simple yet powerful.  And I feel a sense of longing and emotion deep within the lyrics I can easily relate to.  I like how I can easily interpret the song in a different way each time I hear it.  On one hand, I picture a person reminiscing about a past love that is no longer around and realizing it’s a relationship most people are not lucky enough to experience in their lifetime.  On the other hand, I see someone thinking about a special person they never had the courage to approach but always had feelings for.  And still with each listen I see and hear so much more.  The sadness of living a life where I feel like I loved more than I received, the pure joy and elation from coming to terms with letting myself love someone again, or even finally realizing a friend is more than just a friend.  “Magpie” may showcase a sound with a beautifully melancholic blend of melodic guitars, driving drums, ear-soothing horns and eager vocals.  But it’s one of those fantastic tracks that say so much if you listen past how good it sounds!  And I certainly am!

KHUSHI is a talented singer/songwriter from London and even though early versions of “Magpie” have been floating around for a while now, it’s great to see it getting it’s due as the debut track for an artist I have high hopes for.  Check out the interesting music video for the track below and if you enjoy more than just a great sounding tune, be sure to pick up “Magpie” here!

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