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“Ghost” is the latest single by Swedish artist JOHAN REINHOLD and this electronic pop number definitely strikes a chord with me.  Behind the driving beat and the infectious melodies are lyrics that painfully hit home in a good way.  “I am the freak that no one knows, nobody sees me cause I’m a ghost” is a line that’s so straightforward but to me has so much meaning.  I remember feeling this way a lot when I was growing up where I felt nobody really knew the real me.  They were intent on judging me based on what everyone deems as “normal” on the outside and the fact that I was a little different caused them to question me as a person.  As I listen to “Ghost”, I am taken back to that place and to those memories, but I am not sad about them.  Just like the underlying upbeat vibe to the song, I needed those experiences to become who I am today.  To realize other people’s opinions don’t matter at all in the big scheme of things.  JOHAN REINHOLD has created a powerful track I am personally moved by even though he might not have intended it to do so.  “Ghost” is my perfect blend of electronic, indie and pop music producing a sound that is deeply reflective and pleasing for me to listen to at the very same time.  I am sure I am not alone in thinking this way!

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