Island Fox ~ Carbon Flux (prod by Mazde)!

Island Fox Carbon Flux Artwork!Artwork by Adam Durrant

After listening to “Carbon Flux” by London artist  ISLAND FOX  for the very first time, I remember immediately wanting to push play again.  And again.  And I have many times since then.  “Carbon Flux”  is a song I can interpret in completely different ways.  On one hand, there is a consciously serious side dealing with carbon foot printing and how we all tend to look the other way in our daily lives no matter how important the issue might be.  On another, there is a more relaxing view of nature and how we can escape from all our artificial tensions and worries if we would give in to those natural elements.  Letting their power guide us to find some inner peace.  As I let “Carbon Flux” take me on my own beautiful electronic journey into a world full of wavy synths, rolling tides of emotional ebbs and flows and buoyantly gorgeous vocals echoing all around me,  I am left feeling a sense of relief that’s hard to describe.   It’s as if I am weightless without a care in the world.  Where the roads of feeling good about myself and taking charge of my role in changing the world finally meet.  Only to escape to the exact place where I should have been all along.

“Carbon Flux” was written and produced by the skilled German producer MAZDE and his Flume-like vibe has a unique edge to it that is undeniably entertaining.  Throw in the brilliantly creative and artistic style of songstress ISLAND FOX and the result is utterly spectacular!

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