INCA ~ Wake Me Up

Who is INCA?  An impassioned singer-songwriter from London!

My first impression of “Wake Me Up” :  A slow-moving yet emotionally charged dark pop track with undeniably beautiful vocal power!

My take :  There are so many talented new artists who emerge every year and the latest to catch my ear is INCA, a brand new singer-songwriter from the UK.  The intriguing songstress of Peruvian and English descent, has unleashed the minimal yet heavy track “Wake Me Up” to the world and it’s bound to turn some heads.  Big plodding beats and piano-laced pulses serve as the perfect backdrop for an incredibly impressive vocal performance that is both pensively breathtaking and wistfully stirring.  There is a strong feeling of need and a helpless sense of longing resonating across the track a lot of people will relate to.  Pulling willful ears along to experience the heartfelt beauty and the emotional underpinnings driving the song all the way to the end.  Where that dreamlike sliver of hope might finally become reality! 

TMH RATING: 7.8/10 Very Good!

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{TMH! RATINGS: 5= Ok; 6= Solid; 7=Very Good; 8=Amazing; 9=On Repeat; 10=EPIC}

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