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I remember my eardrums being blown away the first time I heard the choppy, diced up IFAN DAFYDD interpretation of the late Amy Winehouse track “No Good”DAFYDD’s sound was very unique from what other electronic music producers were putting out at the time and I was very impressed with how precise each of the different elements were carefully assembled together.  “Celwydd” is the latest release from the Welsh music producer and the track conjures up the same types of feelings for me.  It’s also his first song since he dropped his ‘Treehouse’ debut almost a year ago but it proves to be well worth the wait.

“Celwydd” is as downtempo of an electronic tune as you can get without actually putting me to sleep.  The vocals are provided by the fabulous Alys Williams and are masterfully showcased in the intro.  As the song rolls out and builds momentum, the beautiful layers of sound increasingly fill the room around me as if being thrown out from a high end surround sound speaker.  DAFYDD once again showcases his impeccable attention to detail with perfectly timed sliced up vocals and synth chord tempo changes.  “Celwydd” is a track with a lot of moving parts that work tremendously together and when it’s all said and done, it is a great reintroduction track for the up and comer.

IFAN DAFYDD is known in local circles as being one of the most creative producers around making electronic music right now.  “Celwydd” does nothing but enhance this reputation on a much broader scale so be sure to pick up the track on the forthcoming Recordiau Lliwgar(Colourful Records) release titled Y Record Las if you are so inclined.   The compilation album is due out in March and should be a great one!

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