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There is a new voice in the hip hop game and it’s coming from a very unlikely place.  GMANWOLF is an interesting 3-member hip hop group hailing from the Listuguj Indian reserve in Quebec, Canada and they aim to showcase realistic positive messages through their music.  Galveston Barnaby, Dustin Isaac and Brandon Wysote, otherwise known as Wolfman, Waldo and Static Kane respectively, started this journey back in 2008 and all of their hard work has come together nicely in their latest track “All We Need Is Change”.  Having recently signed with the outstanding Revolution Harmony Records, the combined forces have tweaked their ‘flagship’ track with some live instrumentation that has taken the raw and inspiring intensity behind the GMANWOLF sound to the next level.

“All We Need Is Change” is a very ambitious track and the underlying theme of encouraging other members of their reservation to turn away from drugs and other problems that have become their reality, in favor of healthier alternatives like music is quite clear.  However, the sign of a great song is when that same message can be heard by anyone who is struggling in the world and he/she is empowered to stand up and make a change.  That is the real power and beauty behind this song and that is something to truly appreciate.  As for the song itself, it doesn’t hit as hard as anyone would expect from a typical hip hop track but the lyrical flow of Wolfman and Waldo is pretty good.  There are moments where their delivery seems a little bit awkward but they don’t take anything away from the galvanizing ebbs and flows embedded in the track.  “All We Need Is Change” is a solid debut by the First Nations’ trio and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.  One thing is for sure, GMANWOLF is making a huge impact today through their music and the people of Listuguj should be proud.

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