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From Indian Lakes - Able Bodies Cover Art!

There was a lot of good music released last year but very few bands impressed me more than FROM INDIAN LAKES.  The 5-piece band from California released their second full length album ‘Able Bodies’ back in October and I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish.  I enjoyed their music so much that I included them in my list of the top ten albums of 2012 that I chose for Indie Current (check out my list here!).  ‘Able Bodies’ is loaded with a collection of diverse and emotionally driven tracks but the one song that stands out just a little bit more than the others to me is “Stay Outside”.

It’s hard to pinpoint what I like most about “Stay Outside” because there are so many different pieces that come together to make it sound so amazing.  The lead vocals confidently carry the intensity of the song along through passionately powerful outbursts of expression and ear pleasing chord changes.  The instrumentation is controlled and precise pumping the gas pedal at exactly the right moments without throwing my focus adrift.  The lyrics are both soft and hard hitting marrying all the elements together to deliver a diverse listening experience I wouldn’t mind experiencing over and over again.

I highly recommend taking a listen to FROM INDIAN LAKES’s ‘Able Bodies’ if you haven’t had the pleasure of doing so already.  I have included a video to the track “I Don’t Know You” which is another favorite of mine on the album.  Also, check out the recently released ‘Able Bodies Acoustic Session’ on their Bandcamp page because it definitely deserves twenty minutes of your time.   On a side note, FROM INDIAN LAKES are gigging live starting in March on the Lydia presents Devil North American Tour so mark your calenders accordingly!  Who knows, I just might see you there!!!

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