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Music is a universal language that eliminates boundaries and borders and it’s always fun to hear great music from places around the world that are new to me.  And the Baltic region of Northern Europe qualifies as such.  Hailing from the Republic of Estonia is 4-piece band FRANKIE ANIMAL and I have dug their tunes ever since I first heard them earlier this year.  When I listen to their music, I can tell it’s not only about the words or how everything sounds.  It’s about breathing in the music and succumbing to that incredibly addictive quality that’s hard to describe in words.  At least in ones that would do it justice.  It’s just there and has a purposeful pull that is almost impossible to ignore.  And their track “Obsession”, which seems like their most popular creation to date, oozes with this mysterious stuff leaving me easily intrigued and overtly fascinated.

There is a lot to like about FRANKIE ANIMAL’s “Obsession”.  From the catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums to the melodic tempo changes that keep me on my emotional edge.  I really enjoy the almost deliberate-like pace of the song and hearing all the elements beautifully fused together with the mesmerizing lead vocals of Marie M. Vaigla is simply something exhilarating to behold.  “Obsession” in its entirety, is flawlessly charismatic and completely captivating.  And just like the title of the track suggests, just one listen has me completely hooked.  Be sure to have a go at “End Tonight”, another solid track I really enjoy, and pick up the ‘Obsession’ EP here if so inclined!

FRANKIE ANIMAL is Marie M. Vaigla (vocals/keys), Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar), Jan-Christopher Soovik (bass) and Karl Eerik Valkna (drums).

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It feels strange, even stranger than the taste
that lingers on this late
when the lights have all come down

It feels strange, even stranger that the taste
you’re out to look for every day
and you’re lying

Laying by the backdoor, trembling on the floor
with the blinds drawn down
but you still keep on wanting for more

Ain’t it strange the way it draws you by
gnaws you dry and spits you into space

And you’ll never-ever know that it feels strange
even stranger than your face
when you’re laying in this place
and it’s hit you in the day

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