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FMLYBND Electricity Artwork!

There is good new music being made by a group of friends from Isla Vista, California and it’s making me want to get up and dance.  FMLYBND released their first single, “Electricity” a few months ago but I have played the track a lot more over the past few days.  And boy is it really growing on me.  Upon first listen, it’s easy to hear familiar textures and harmonies I might hear on a Passion Pit or M83 song but there is something else there.  They have a sound that seems more creatively put together and I feel a lot more emotion behind every note they play.  I can really tell they love making music together which is absolutely beautiful to hear.  I am usually drawn to songs with obvious changes in tempo but for “Electricity”, the steadiness throughout really works well.  I love how all the different elements of sound come together perfectly from the ear-pleasing synth layered intro and nicely timed electronic drum segues to the energetic vocal wails and an amazing guitar riff towards the end.   Keep making great music FMLYBND.  I think I might have to actually get up and jump around a bit the next go round!

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  1. DreadyRage
    July 17, 2013

    These guys are fantastic! Can’t wait to see them Aug 2nd at the XGames Concert!

    • July 17, 2013

      That’s awesome! Have you seen them live before?

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