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Rising Australian music producer FLUME just released his debut album on November 9th and the early returns are more than encouraging.   At the end of last year,  FLUME dropped his Sleepless EP and created an enormous buzz around music circles fueling crazy remix contests and lighting a match of growing fan support that has no chance of going out anytime soon.  After listening to his first full length production it’s easy to hear why.   I enjoyed almost every song I listened to on the album but there is one track that stands the tallest for me.   “Insane” is now one of my favorite tracks of the whole year and putting it simply, is one sexy tune!

Every time I listen to “Insane” I can’t help but compare FLUME to an electronic musical surgeon.  He slices and dices vocals like no one I have ever heard before.  Using synth chords and keyboard pulses like a form of anesthesia, it’s almost impossible to avoid blocking out everything around you and giving in to the track’s unrelenting melodic pull.  “Insane” is powered by a slow and steady bass line and when all the intricate elements are stitched together with the gorgeous voice of Moon Holiday (Alex Ward to you Sydney natives), the outcome is truly memorable.

FLUME‘s self titled debut album is out now on the Future Classic label and features some fantastic fellow artists including the likes of Chet Faker and Jezzabell Doran.  I definitely recommend listening to and buying the album especially if you enjoyed “Insane” as much as I did.   As in most of my posts,  I have included a few other tunes from the album for your listening pleasure.  Make sure to check out a great track from Moon Holiday that I think deserves more attention!  Cheers!

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***Flume no longer offers “Insane” to be embedded on it’s own so I have updated the link to include the album sampler and a few other songs which CAN be embedded as of right now***

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