Flight Facilities ~ Clair De Lune (ft.Christine Hoberg)!

Flight Facilities

FLIGHT FACILITIES is back in the limelight with a brand spanking new tune.  FLIGHT FACILITIES have been dangling bits and pieces of “Clair De Lune” in front of fans for the past few months and the breathtakingly beautiful and melodic release proves our patience in waiting has paid off.  The vocals, courtesy of Christine Hoberg, take flight and soar around effortlessly while being gently swayed by gravity defying gusts of musical expressions.  “Clair De Lune” is quite an amazing audible journey everyone should plan to experience at some point!

FLIGHT FACILITIES is known for experimenting with all types of electronic sounds and styles and the results are usually spot on.  Their spin on the classic tune “Clair De Lune” takes their musical interpretation rep to the next level.  This new release is a far cry from their earlier tunes like “With You”, “Foreign Language” and “Crave You”, but in my opinion is the best track they have ever produced.  Take a listen and I am sure you will all agree!

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