Eyelid Kid ~ Sleeps Well On Knives!

Eyelid Kid Artwork! I first heard “Sleep Well On Knives” back in August and it captured my curious ear with an interesting combination of sounds and contrasting moods.  Not to mention my inclination in determining the real meaning behind the oxymoron-like song title.  Created by the band EYELID KID, the so-called “Californian mystic indie act”, “Sleep Well On Knives” proves to be enigmatic on every level.  Musically upbeat and coming across on the surface as a happy sounding tune, listening to the lyrics paints a totally different picture.  As in the line “how can love exist, in the barrier of increments”, time is unveiled as the main hindrance to experiencing a stress free and enjoyable existence.  It’s something we all measure and long to obtain yet never quite have enough of.  Our hands and our minds are bound and tied by it and like the latter half of the song suggests, we eventually give in to time’s constraints and accept it as the only reality.  As the only way to be.  It’s crazy how I can sense the emotions go from feelings of angst and frustration to those of anticipation and guarded optimism almost as quickly as “Sleep Well On Knives” comes to an abrupt end.  Only to be left here wondering what life without time might actually feel like.   Or how time might not actually exist to begin with.

EYELID KID is a mysterious band by choice with a musical style that is idiosyncratic to say the least.  And that is so refreshing in a world of music that increasingly lacks creativity and imagination.  Where everything tends to push my attention towards all the fluff and away from the music itself.  I love how I can listen to this track and feel one way on the instrumental side but experience the complete opposite emotion by hearing what is actually being said.  EYELID KID shows with “Sleep Well On Knives”  that they have a lot of substance behind a clever song title.  And even though they want to keep their personal identities out of the limelight for the time being, their music might just be the only name they’ll ever need.

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