Exclusive: Premiere! TMH! Feature!: Gilly The Kid – R.T.Y.E.B.! ft Cris Million & Laura Clemo!

Gilly The Kid R.T.Y.E.B. Artwork!

I first heard of Club Mango Music(CMM) when I came across a track called “Waved” by London music producer VODOU and I have been anxiously awaiting the next big release to catch my ear from the talented collective.  “R.T.Y.E.B.” by CMM member GILLY THE KID is exactly this tune. “R.T.Y.E.B.” stands for “Richer Than You’ll Ever Be” and at first glance, my mind immediately pictures the stereotypical rap song about a guy with tons of girls throwing around money like it grows on trees.  But when I hear the voice of George Bailey(James Stewart) famously telling off Mr. Potter from the classic film ‘It’s A Wonderful Life“, I know this track is anything but typical.  And in this case, GILLY THE KID and company pull off what I feel is a brilliantly interesting tune.

As the opening dialogue snippet comes to a close, the last line “in my book he died a much richer man then you’ll ever be” sets the overall tone of the track from the beginning.  It’s a retrospective and uplifting tone in a way, centered around figuring out what really is important in life and how true wealth is actually defined.  This is highlighted by two hip hop verses delivered by GILLY THE KID and featured guest emcee CRIS MILLION, which feel both emotionally authentic and powerfully real.  There is a beautiful underlying soulful vibe I can sense resonating throughout the track only to truly surface when guest vocal LAURA CLEMO chimes in towards the end.  Her vocal adds a neat splash of vibrant color on top of a twinkling, waterfall-like piano background melody putting a definitive exclamation point on the end of a good song.  I would have liked to hear a bit more from LAURA because her voice is absolutely amazing.

“R.T.Y.E.B.” is the second track from GILLY THE KID’s upcoming mixtape titled ‘Soulfood x Soho’ and hints at an album full of fresh and progressive tracks with an old school flair.   All I know for sure is when Club Mango Music is involved, great music usually follows!

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