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On a nostalgic mission to bring back the days of the cassette tape, Philadelphia based duo ESKIMEAUX offer up quite an interesting arrangement of esoteric tunes on their newly created BLIGHT. Records label.  The self titled 2nd release by ESKIMEAUX creators Gabrielle Smith and Benjamin Schurr stray away from what might be considered normal music production these days and provide us with their grand experiment of emotionally tinged electronic conversations instead.  Rising out of this empyreal cloud of jumbled expressions is the morosely addicting song “Trinkets”: my favorite track on the whole album.

When you push play on your tape deck, “Trinkets” immediately grabs your attention with it’s heartbeat imitating drum machine intro infused with spasms of bug zapping like sounds.  The lyrics are extremely simple but are delivered with a powerfully potent enough style to push your mind to wherever you let it take you.  Add in a smooth strumming guitar,  an electronically produced bass line and the soaring vocals of Gabrielle Smith and your left riding a wave of alternating tempos you’ll find yourself wanting to experience over and over again.

ESKIMEAUX is one of the most unique music producers I have come across over the past year and it’s exciting to think about where their artistic vision will take them in the foreseeable future.   In the meantime, dust off your old walkman or boombox and pop in the latest ESKIMEAUX cassette tape.  You won’t be disappointed!

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Lyrics to “Trinkets”
Thumbing my igloo and grasping my snail
my hands in my pockets, my body feeling frail
I guess I had hoped that even in your flight
you’d leave me with something
you’d leave your ghost behind
Then I mistook the wind in my hair
for your mouth in my mouth, I thought you were really there
I guess I’d hoped that even in your flight
you’d leave me with something
you’d leave your ghost behind

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