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Young War EP Artwork!

Is it love at first sight or is it just another infatuation?  Time always reveals the answer to this question no matter how we might feel in the beginning.   Yet somehow most of us seem to experience the same types of situations along the way.  Manchester based musician YOUNG WAR takes a stab at musically breaking down a typical relationship by way of 3 compelling and heartfelt songs in his new EP release “Trinity”.   To make those moments come alive and he soulfully succeeds.

“Trinity” opens with “Darker Love”, the standout track on the offering, and the memorable guitar strum opening is still echoing in my ears.  It’s an electronically tinged R&B song that beautifully captures those first raw emotions and intense feelings one might feel when meeting that special someone.  I can sense an underlying hesitation in the lyrics realizing this might not work out in the end.  Like this moment has already happened and it might be playing out again.   But the pull of the urge and the push of the want helps to ignore any roadblocks in moving forward anyway.

Taking me to the land of no problems, “Eyes Closed”  is a slow brewing number that weighs heavy on the heartstrings.   Where everything in the world seems right and no one else matters.  And every thought and every dream revolves around only one person and it is the best feeling in the world.  “Eyes Closed” is a song filled with euphoric highs and passionate pangs of longing smoothly packaged in a rumbling ball of bass goodness.  If only this would last forever.

As with all good things and almost every great love affair, doubt inevitably rears its ugly head.  “By Now”  puts these insecurities on full display making them feel so real I can actually picture myself there.  Thinking those thoughts.  Wherever that might be.  I love hearing the flurry of  the piano between the deep punchy beats and the steady maraca-like shakes.  The perfect types of sounds for contemplation and the inescapable end.

“Trinity” is a lyrically vivid creation produced by the talented Swiss artist/producer Pablo Nouvelle and it’s beautifully done.  YOUNG WAR  is an interesting singer/songwriter I definitely want to hear more from.  And I can’t wait to see what comes next.   Pick up the EP here on iTunes!

7/10 TMH! Approved  Worth a good listen!
***  Massive Tune:  “Darker Love”  ***

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