EP Review!: The Finns ~ The Storm Past!

There is a musical rumbling rolling across the great U.S. northwest and it’s coming directly towards all of us.  Thundering out of Spokane, WA and set for a bigger stage is the independently run 3-piece indie band outfit, THE FINNS.  In early October, the band released their debut EP, “The Storm Past”, and the record shows tremendous promise.

There are many different layers to “The Storm Past” and it might require a few listens to fully experience them.  On the surface, you will hear a 7-track offering full of deeply impassioned vocals delivered with a fervor reminiscent of an expressive storyteller.  The title track, “The Storm Past”, puts this on full display animating through words the whole array of emotions felt when you lose someone you love and are forced to move forward.  The songs themselves are threaded with melodic overtones but the real identity of the band surfaces when the guitar hands and the drum foot taps are allowed to break free into the open.  Standout track and my favorite from the EP is “Drink The Fairy Down”, which demonstrates this power through invigorating and emotional tempo changes.

On a different level, each track has a way of blowing over you leaving behind what sound like pieces of a short story or a stylish vignette.  The lyrics seem both made up and personal but somehow the stories drag you in.  Even though each song is unrelated, the undeniable pull allows you to jump into each audible scene firsthand and experience your own unique feelings as if you watching a short film festival.   There is a ballad about Hades and Persephone in the opening number and separate tales involving a war torn love letter,  a daydreaming biology student and a flirtatious working barista.   From this point of view, you can appreciate the uniqueness of every track and you can easily get lost in them.

Diving deeper still,  “The Storm Past” has all the elements of being a cleverly constructed concept album.  From the opening sounds of raindrops and thunder to the bird chirping farewell on the closing track “Biology”,  the songs keep building up momentum until the musical storm passes.  This is quite a feat considering the length of the EP.

In the end, THE FINNS have put together a collection of tunes that are engaging, expressive and entertaining.  The vocals are strong and have the chance to sound amazing with the inclusion of some female vocal parts.  THE FINNS have a lot of potential and it’s going to be interesting to see how their sound evolves.  The band is currently working on an album with the hopes of completing and releasing the full length debut by the end of 2013.  I for one will be waiting!

8/10 dRod  Approved/Highly Recommended!

***Massive Tunes:  “Drink The Fairy Down”, “Cold Iron Throne”, “Lemon Loaf”***

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