EP Review! Legs Like Tree Trunks ~ Future Reference!

I have been sitting on this review for far too long and I don’t know why.  I first heard of LEGS LIKE TREE TRUNKS a few months back and after my first complete listen through, I can’t help but compare them to one of my favorite bands of all time – Minus The Bear.   On September 30th, “Future Reference” became the latest EP release for the Pittsburg 4-piece band and it packs a powerful musical punch.

“Future Reference” is comprised of five tracks of varying tempos that flow easily together without sounding too redundant. ‘Hoods Up’ is one of the slower songs on the EP and it definitely is my favorite tune on the album.  The guitar playing is great throughout dictating the mood and the tone of the track allowing the subtle lyrical change of pace to push ‘Hoods Up’ to another level.  ‘Snowflake’ and ‘WADM’ both remind me the most of Minus The Bear, with the fast paced speed changes and the smooth lead vocals.  The overall sound of the EP has a nice blend of textures which seems to point towards a great live show.

LEGS LIKE TREE TRUNKS has created a collection of music with a lot of energy and a lot of style.  Every song stirs the imagination inside of you and is undeniably fun to listen to.  “Future Reference” is a solid release and it shows the young band has grown musically over the past year.  I highly recommend taking a listening trip through the land of LEGS LIKE TREE TRUNKS and visiting their Soundcloud page for some free downloads.  Just leave your inhibitions at the door!

8/10 dRod Approved   Highly Recommended!

*** Massive Tunes:  “Snowflake”, “Hoods Up”, “WADM” ***

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{1-3/10 = Not Recommended!; 4-5/10 = Needs Work!; 6-7/10 = Worth a listen!; 8-9/10 = Highly Recommended!; 10/10 = EPIC!}

1.Snowflake 02:59
All my time spent stuck in a seat for the long ride. I’m from the bottom of the heap and I still can’t sleep when I look for the moon on the west side. Do you remember when the sun fell out of the sky? Do you remember the way the wind whipped through you that night? I’m from the bottom of the heap and I still can’t sleep. I’m from the bottom of the heap so I got it in ink on Shotover Street. Do you remember when the sun fell out of the sky? Do you remember the way the wind whipped through you that night?

2.Anchorage 02:52
In the teeth of past judgment a tree sheds it’s brown leaves. It’s the fall and our fickleness retires at nothing. Your mouth, all it puts forth is a rough draft and your eyes betray your dirty little mind. You called it. You solved it. A problem for old friends who leave home and come back to find out what’s different. Individuals without anchorage, stateless, rootless.

3.Hoods Up 03:45
When you’re driving home in your parents car with windows all down, rain is falling in, smoke just trails out. I know you’ve got Feel Good Lost turned up loud. if that’s not apropos I don’t know how you drive when you’re high and it feels like your flying. When you go outside for your next cigarette, make sure your hood’s up. Make sure you wear some gloves. And when you look back on your last night’s mistakes you’ll hear the wind shout. If that’s not apropos I don’t know how you learn from mistakes that make when you’re blacked out. Make sure your hood’s up (hoods up).

4.WADM 02:39
Anxious mouth don’t feel too alive. There’s lonely islands with rising tides from melting ice. Maybe I’m stuck inside tall tales and pine eyes. Well, God knows we all lie to pass the time. It’s tough to find a better life. I won’t stay down, don’t waste your time.

5.Parked Cars 03:05
It hides out in backseats of parked cars in dark alleyways. What is it? What could it be?

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