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There is no doubt DECO PILOT is one of the most internationally diverse bands around and judging them by their latest release, making music together is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.  The London based band features Mexican-Spanish brothers Jose Lopez Portillo and Juan Lopez Portillo rocking out on lead vocals and guitar respectively.  Pounding the keyboards around them is Mexican-Italian Giancarlo Bonfanti and the rhythm section is strongly manned by bassist John Franklin from Sweden and Eduardo Sanchez from Spain.  DECO PILOT became a band back in 2011 and after a year of channeling all of their different energies together, they are set to boldly introduce themselves to the world with their upcoming ‘This City’ EP’.

Using the synth-pop revival of the late 2000s as inspiration, DECO PILOT has done a great job of crafting a big rock sound on ‘This City’ that is both unique and entertaining.  The 4-track EP is filled with bouncy rhythms and addicting melodies that packs enough power to encourage the most uncoordinated person to take a go at the dancefloor.  In the standout track “Mirror”,  the lead vocals deliver lyrics that are direct and attention grabbing perfectly complementing the soaring feeling evoked when listening to all the pieces weaving in and around each other.  Even though there are moments when some of the songs sound exactly the same musically, each track clearly tells a contrasting story lyrically.  After a few listens and looking at the music from a much broader perspective, it’s easy to appreciate the hidden intricacy of the record.

As a whole, DECO PILOT is laying out a delicious small serving of what they have to offer and it feels like their surface is just being scratched.  ‘The City’ EP plays out like a series of short stories about life in the city, self reflecting in the mirror, knowing what you are looking for and meeting the girl of your dreams with the diamond heart.  It doesn’t get any more direct than that.  DECO PILOT’s ‘This City’ EP will be released on February 11th worldwide on Revolution Harmony.

***8/10 dRod Approved   Highly Recommended!***
*** Massive Tunes:  “This City”, “Mirror”***

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