EP Review!: Black Dirty ~ Dirty Water!

Black Dirty Dirty Water EP Artwork!

When I hear a band describe themselves as an indie-math-rock type of band, I immediately think of  irregular rhythms and unconventional guitar fragments played in unpredictable ways.  In other words, it’s basically listening to crazy controlled chaos like watching a time-lapse video of myself in rush hour traffic and hitting the pause button when I feel like it.  As time has passed, the genre has evolved and become more or less like a hybrid of math-rock, dance and punk which has much more of a broader appeal.  It’s a style of music I really enjoy when it’s done right and the oddly named band BLACK DIRTY do just that on their debut EP Dirty Water’.

There is a lot to like about ‘Dirty Water’, from the infectiously abrupt tempo changes and smooth vocal crooning of front man Tyler Brooks, to the beautifully precise guitar work.  And everything is surprisingly very consistent throughout.  The guitar play across all four tracks is absolutely incredible and at times, remind me a lot of one of my favorite bands Minus The Bear.  Or another TMH! featured band Legs Like Tree Trunks.  But BLACK DIRTY make a great attempt to carve out their own musical niche creating tracks with a nice mix of speed without ever quite going full throttle.

“Sky Bleu Lawn Darts” and “Qwerty” are the standout tracks on the EP in my opinion but for different reasons.  While the leadoff track continues to push speed in an exhilarating fashion all the way through, “Qwerty” floats around more loosely as the gorgeous ebbs and flows tickle my ear buds.  I love how both songs are entertaining and fun to listen to and how interesting it feels to not know exactly where the music will take me.  It just goes.  The amazing talent behind BLACK DIRTY is clearly out front and center for everyone to hear.  And even though the last two tracks sound a little too redundant and maybe a bit uninspiring, ‘Dirty Water’ is definitely an EP worth taking some time to listen to.

BLACK DIRTY is a 4-piece underground band from Philly consisting of Tyler Brooks (guitar/vox), Brandon Cohill (Guitar), Steve Camisi (Bass) and Jerry Gambino (Drums).  Having just come together as a band back in 2012, they are quickly making a name for themselves around their local scene and have the potential to build an even bigger following if they keep at it.  As for now, they are having fun playing gigs and sharing their music just like they planned from the start!

7/10  TMH! Approved   Worth A Listen!

*** Massive Tunes:  “Sky Bleu Lawn Darts” &  “Qwerty” ***

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photo credit: Abi Reimold!


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