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I have listened to a lot of songs over the past week and nothing has really inspired me to sit down and write like they usually do.  Whether it be from the lack of originality or from tracks that just don’t stand out, it’s been happening far too often for me lately.  Just when my state of good music reviewing paralysis seemed like it would never end,  I clicked the play button on the newest BIRDS VS PLANES EP and I literally smiled.  ‘High energy’ is the most fitting way to describe the debut offering from this dynamic group from Carlisle and there is plenty of it.  “Narrow Angles” is a 5-track musical tour de force that commanded my attention from the very first jolt of intensity thrown out by leadoff track “Relative Worth”, and the album left me feeling invigorated long after the last note had sounded.  “Narrow Angles” is definitely the best sounding EP I have heard all year.

My favorite song on the record is “Romantic Assault” and just like the title suggests, it relentlessly seduced my eardrums with vigorous guitar riffs, frantically playful rhythms and a beautifully piercing lead vocal.  BIRDS VS PLANES show they can make music that is brilliantly clean and refreshingly crisp with enough uplifting tempos to keep me energized on my most tired of days.  “Narrow Angles” leans closely towards the frenetic line at times but the band shows they are in absolute control with the gorgeously slowed down song “Little Blue”.  It’s a song with lyrics that are delicately laid out across a simple guitar expression I so easily get lost in and a restrained emotional build that eventually explodes everywhere.  And it is amazing!

I am very impressed with the debut EP from BIRDS VS PLANES even though I would have liked to hear more of their slower tempo side.  I love everything about their mixture of sounds and I look forward to hearing more from them along the line.  Pick up their debut EP “Narrow Angles” as soon as possible!  Stop wasting time and get it now!

9/10  TMH! Approved   Highly Recommended!

*** Massive Tunes:  “Relative Worth”, “Romantic Assault”, “Little Blue” ***

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