Emily and The Woods ~ Helios (FAVELA Remix)!

Favela Helios Remix Artwork!

Whenever I see the name FAVELA next to a new music track I have to stop and take notice.  Having been blown away with his original creations like the incredible “Easy Yoke” tune, I can now call myself a huge fan of the ‘Favela’ production style and sound.  And his reinterpretation of the fantastic Emily and The Woods’ song “Helios” is absolutely stellar once again!

“Helios” has a smooth laid-back vibe to it in its original form but FAVELA somehow finds a way to slow it down in a refreshingly cool way.  From an intro that makes me feel like being suspended in midair to the steadily driving beats echoing across the track, “Helios” has an easy-going pace to it I can happily get lost in.  And the creation solidifies my feelings that the young talent is just getting started.  Here’s to the next time I come across the name FAVELA again!  Nicely done!

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Emily and The Woods Time To Collide Artwork!

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