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EMBRZ Slow Down Pic!A friend of mine recently pointed me in the musical direction of Jack Casey from Ireland, otherwise known as music producer EMBRZ (pronounced embers), and my ears are certainly glad she did.  After listening to a few songs, I came across “Slow Down” and I remember being immediately floored.  And that’s putting it lightly.  “Slow Down” is the perfect contemplative track, allowing my mind to relax and unconsciously go wherever it wants to go.  It’s like taking a deep breath in when I am moving too fast and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Or like tapping the breaks when I realize I am sliding out of control.  EMBRZ does a great job of interweaving samples from Paramore’s “All I Wanted” and Gabrielle Aplin’s “Salvation”,  to the point where they are almost unrecognizable.  There is an underlying beauty that is hard to ignore and it resonates across the track’s electronic landscape of sounds highlighted by intricate textures and exquisite precision.  “Slow Down” is just too amazing to ignore.

Using a similar formula, EMBRZ’s released the stunningly simple “Raindrops” a few days ago, and it comes across as a satisfying sequel to “Slow Down” in my opinion.  Amidst a soothing backdrop of rain intermittently falling down, the familiar vocals of Gabrielle Aplin paired with Lewis Watson works pretty well together.  Everything is so vividly clear that I can almost feel the rain dropping on my skin or smell the rain falling down all around me.  “Raindrops” doesn’t hit every mark but is a track EMBRZ  should be proud of.   And as my friend did for me, I plan on pointing more friends this way!

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